An oak beamed ceiling/floor adds character to any room while creating the base for the upper floor whether it is of modern or traditional design timber ceilings will bring added value to any home.

Structural ceilings and floors

When building your wooden beamed ceiling/ floor we work closely with your Architect, Engineer or builder to ensure that the upper floor is correctly supported.


Retro fitted oak beamed ceilings

When using solid wooden beams to create a false ceiling you must remember that there will be a certain amount of disruption to the room that will require re plastering and decoration and often any filler between the new timbers and original ceiling will need to be repaired after the beams have settled.

OTF Builders can supply your oak framed ceiling in a kit form for you or your builder to install, a fitting service is available on request.

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Ceiling A: £70.00 per m2.


Example A is 5 x 4 meters equaling  20m2 costs £1,400.00 consisting of two 20 x 18cm oak beams supplied 60cm longer than the width of the room. If the beams need to be reduced in length an equal distance should be cut from each end and six 15 x 15cm floor joists with the four floor joists that enter the walls are supplied 20cm longer. The ceiling frame supplied from our Shropshire work shop is jointed and numbered with easy to follow instructions. OTF builders offer an installation services if required.


Ceiling B: £120.00 per m2.


This beamed ceiling example is 20m2 costing £2,400.00 as above. Ceiling B is supplied with extra length on the beams and floor joists to allow for fitting. The two main oak beams are 20 x 18cm and the 21 floor joists are 15 x 12cm beams all of which come jointed ready to assemble.

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